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AccountMate Software

A developer of business management software.

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Since 1984, AccountMate’s mission has been to provide customers with powerful and flexible accounting and business management software that meets the exact needs of their business.

We have built our reputation as the leader in providing companies with flexible accounting and business management software. Many other accounting and business management software require you to make changes to your core business processes in order to utilize their software - costing your business far more than the price of the software in time and decreased productivity from re-training your staff.

AccountMate’s accounting and business management software has the ability to conform to your unique business processes. The actual “source code,” the mechanics of the software, is modifiable so it can be adapted to any business situation and evolve as business dictates.

AccountMate is on the job in over 200 industries, from distributors of aircraft parts, to manufacturers of apparel, public housing authorities, and internationally recognized art museums.

AccountMate software is available for local installation or as SaaS.

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