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Feature Highlights

Automatic Refueling/Delivery Tickets: Make sure your customer always has fuel – eliminate missed deliveries with Automatic Tracking of Fuel Usage. The heart of the PD System is its ability to track customer fueling and print delivery tickets for auto refuel. This can be set up based upon industry standard K-Factor calculation or Julian Days. Delivery Tickets may be generated in batch, by Route Number, Refill Degree Days, Refill Dates, or singly by customer or invoice number.

Special Taxes: Get the taxes right the first time. Report Special Taxes at the touch of a button. Multiple taxes may be assigned to each product and each customer. These taxes can be based on quantity (gallons) or sales amount. You can have both standard and special sales taxes on any inventory item. Since taxes are grouped to your specification, this allows you to create flexible tax reporting.

Customer Tank Information: Ensure correct product delivered to the right place and to the right customer. A separate database record is setup for each customer tank. Customers may have multiple tanks for the same product. Auto refueling info is maintained per Tank during Sale Order Invoicing.

Expanded Customer Information: Stay on top of critical reporting information. An additional maintenance screen has been added to the extensive AR customer database, allowing you to enter pertinent info, such as the user’s AGA number and Tad ID’s, etc.

Track Consignment Sales and Inventories: Untangle the sales mystery of who owns what. MAS 90’s multiple warehouse feature has been expanded to allow you to track consignment product. Commercial settlements are handled through Sales Order Invoicing. Multiple meters per product and tank info help you verify that settlement quantities reported are correct.

Budget Payment Processing: Improve your cash flows and stay competitive with a system of budgeted payments for any number of customers. Also, when a payment is received in AR Cash Receipts, you will be alerted if this is a budget customer.

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