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Accounting Technology, LLC

A developer of business management software.

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Accounting Technology, LLC is a leading supplier of “flexible software solutions” to business across the southeastern United States.

Accounting Technology, LLC specializes in business management software and software consulting. Our team of technology professionals are seasoned in the design, selection, implementation, customization and training of powerful accounting and business software.

As one of the select Best Software Master Developer/Resellers, Accounting Technology, LLC delivers comprehensive software solutions using off the shelf applications like MAS 500, MAS 200, MAS 90, BusinessWorks, SalesLogix, Abra, and Fixed Assets.

By combining the power of customization, data conversion services, custom integration, business analysis tools, custom reports, and training we enable our customers to enjoy the benefits of software that fits the way they work.

Product Lines

  • AutoPO MRP

    A materials resource planning system designed by Accounting Technology, LLC for manufacturing companies.

    0 reviews
    • CULogix

      A web-based customer relationship management service designed by Accounting Technology, LLC for finance & insurance companies.

      0 reviews
      • PD- Petroleum Distributor

        A web-based software system designed by Accounting Technology, LLC for utilities companies.

        0 reviews
        • RC- Revolving Charge

          A web-based software system designed by Accounting Technology, LLC.

          0 reviews

          Market Focus

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