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Accord Software

A developer of business management software.

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Accord is a software development and system integration company that has been operating in Canada since 1985, focusing on the delivery of quality products and professional services.

By maintaining rigorous design standards, Accord products complement sophisticated and complex features with a simple, clear, user-friendly interface.

The technical and support staff comes from a varied background and experiences and has worked efficiently as a team for over a decade. Accord has been very successful in servicing, training, and maintaining companies that range from small operations to large corporations.

The cornerstone of our continued success is our expertise in providing valuable solutions to your firm’s specific demands, accelerating your return on investment, and minimizing implementation risks.

The Accord software solutions will equip you with easy-to-use computing applications essential to make the most efficient decisions and to enhance your firm’s competitiveness.

Accord has provided services to the transportation industry for over 15 years and has acquired an exceptional wealth of knowledge that has been the key to developing a state-of-the-art application, which raises the bar for standards.

Our commitment to continuously seek improvements and ways of introducing new technological advancements is the foundation of our products.

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