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Acomba CRM is the solution to your customer relationship management needs. You can optimize communications tasks by automating various components of the customer relationship and by better targeting your sales activities and improving customer service.

Development of targeted sales initiatives

With Acomba CRM, you can select to which customer or customer group you want to communicate according to a predefined profile. You can even create group selections by means of Acomba reports in order to facilitate communications. Acomba CRM will help you better target your marketing activities.

Automated communications tasks

To facilitate all your sales and marketing efforts, Acomba CRM automates mass mailing tasks. Functions allowing you to enter calls for follow-up, send E-mails or mass mailings by selecting to whom or to which group you wish to target. Automated sending procedures will save you time and money in mass communications initiatives.

Instant access to complete customer files

From a call, Acomba CRM puts the customer’s file at your fingertips, no more rummaging through paper files. Whether you need to see an invoice, bid or an account statement, you can have, in a click, all the information you need to serve your customer online or at the counter.

Efficient management and processing of telephone calls

With Acomba CRM, you can transform your Acomba system into a call center. Instead of writing messages on bits of paper, enter them directly in your Acomba system. With Acomba CRM, the messages are automatically stored in the proper contact’s file. No more lost messages and notes! In addition, you have instant access to complete information for each customer as soon as you contact him or her. (Requires the use of the Customization and Security application.)

Remote access to messages

Coupled with the Internet, Acomba CRM allows you to quickly transfer calls. This option allows you such flexibility as to send a message to an employee on a business trip or advise a technician of a service call while he or she is working on location. Your quick and efficient service will ensure customer loyalty.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Customer Relationship Management:

"Customer Relationship Management" is part of the Acomba line of products, developed by ACCEO Solutions.