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ACCMax for ACCPAC - CRM Add-On

A customer relationship management system designed by GFI Solutions.
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This product has been discontinued, and is no longer available for purchase.

ACCMax: the Integration Solution for Maximizer Users

Welcome to ACCMax™, the easy and affordable solution for integrating your accounting system to Maximizer™, the world-renown customer relationship management tool (CRM).

ACCMax for ACCPAC(1) is a powerful and efficient add-on application that enhances Maximizer(2) users’ capabilities by integrating accounting information from ACCPAC. From Maximizer’s user-friendly environment, you can obtain complete knowledge of your customer records.

  • Accelerates Maximizer implementation
  • Reduces acquisition and implementation costs
  • Synchronizes company data
  • Provides an easy access to information on past transactions
  • Lets you create and modify transactions
  • Provides an easy access to the list of previously sold items
  • Provides an easy access to inventory-related data

(1)Advantage Series 5.2 and 5.3 for Pervasive® and Microsoft SQL Server databases (2)Maximizer Enterprise 7.5 and 8

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