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ACCEO Solutions

A developer of management software designed for small-businesses.

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Our mission: To help businesses integrate their accounting, commercial and banking data

Listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol FRT since August 16, 2004, Fortune 1000 Group is a top accounting software designer, currently counting over 75,000 client businesses throughout Canada.

ACCEO Solutions, Inc. specializes in the sale, service and development of accounting, commercial and banking data management systems and offers a complete line of complementary products and services designed for specific clienteles, such as SMBs (Acomba Fortune 1000), head offices (Acomba Head Office Solutions), accountants, public accountants and accounting firms (Accountant’s tools, FinPro) and construction companies (Fortune 1000 Construction).

In parallel with its software solutions, ACCEO Solutions, Inc. offers its customers a complete and efficient training program, customer service (technical support subscription plans, free software updates, access to an exclusive Web site, etc.). In addition, ACCEO Solutions offers a line of standard and customized forms and storage systems specially adapted for its various software programs.

With twenty years of experience, ACCEO Solutions is a solid company that proudly counts on the expertise of its some 160 employees. Forward-looking and dedicated to customer satisfaction, ACCEO Solutions, Inc. is always searching for new technologies to optimize its software products and services.

  • Founded in 1984
  • TSX Venture Exchange: FRT
  • Over 75,000 client businesses
  • Revenues in excess of $9.5M as of 09-30-2004(9 Months)
  • Over 80% of revenues are recurrent
  • 160 employees

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