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Complete Visibility of All of Your Resources

One live summary map shows REAL-TIME information on your operations, projects, workforce, assets and more. Knowing “What Is Happening Now” allows your team to make immediate adjustments while operating at peak efficiency.

Icon Workforce 1G See where your WORKFORCE is and who is working on what, from anywhere. Easily manage accurate labor without waiting on time sheets or making calls, all your labor metrics that matter are always up to date and right at your fingertips.

Icon Assets 1Gb Company tools, equipment and ASSETS move around often and change hands regularly. At a glance you can see where your stuff is, who has it and how it is being used. Assets can even be exchanged and assigned in the field.

Icon Productivity 1G See your labor and unit budgets update PRODUCTIVITY automatically, as it happens. As your team works, you will see their real-time productivity from anywhere. Knowing what is happening right now helps your team respond immediately and when your supervisors can quickly see where they stand on a daily basis, profitablity and efficiency increases.

  • Manage Performance-Based Incentives
  • Address Cost Overuns Sooner
  • See Every Aspect of Your REsources
  • Capture Media of all types - video, audio, pictures

Other Applications

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"Insight " is part of the WorkMax line of products, developed by AboutTime.

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