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AboutTime’s on-demand productivity shows current and accurate project progress, performance and productivity as it is captured in the field every day. When employees clock IN and OUT accurate man hours, units and productivity data is virtually automatic and the results stream into the office with AboutTime’s Auto-Send feature. Mobile workers can easily capture Job photos, field notes, budgets vs. actuals with mobile devices on the go.

  • Streaming metrics show current and accurate man hours and units used per task, per project.
  • Gain complete visibility over current job costs, project state and workforce performance.
  • Office staff and field supervisors know exactly where their projects are at all times.
  • Knowing sooner minimizes risk and helps make critical decisions before cost over-runs occur.

Instant visibility is virtually automatic with AboutTime.

You can simply set up budgeted (estimated) man hours and units per cost code and per project in the ControlCenter, then the system does the rest. As employees in the field clock IN and OUT, accrued man hours and units are automatically calculated against budgets and can be shared to dashboards and reports amongst your team.

Complete synergy between field and office staff.

Not only can budgets be monitored in real-time from the ControlCenter in your office, AboutTime sends job progress summaries back out to the mobile devices in the supervisors hands in the field. This up to date, current information is incredibly powerful for supervisors, project managers and controllers. Your team will have up to date, accurate numbers… opposed to waiting days (or weeks) for traditional field data to be collected, then transferred to your office, then manually keyed into your ERP, job costing or accounting solution. Now project managers and supervisors know at all times (in real-time as it happens) how they are performing on the project.

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