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Eliminate hand-written time sheets and spread sheets by helping your workforce capture accurate information as it happens, regardless of where they are working. Tracking labor by requiring employees to write it down at the end of the day or the end of the week creates enormous inaccuracies. Time sheets are inefficient for everyone involved from mobile workers to project managers to your payroll staff. Employees want to be fairly paid for an honest day’s work, eliminating paper pushing allows them to focus on what you hired them to do.

Tracking TIME accurately will revolutionize your business.

  • Gain reliable, accurate labor data for accurate paychecks, invoices and true job costs.
  • Money makers in the field can stop pushing paper and focus on what they do well.
  • Office staff will be able to complete payroll, job costing and billing in a fraction of the time.
  • Approved Time records can be sent right into your accounting system.

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