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A developer of business management software.

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Two business owners (self-performing contractors) and two software engineers founded AboutTime to solve mobile time and attendance challenges in 2003. The CEO of AboutTime was a contractor with remote jobs and mobile employees and was searching for a more efficient way to accurately track field operations. After looking at available options, it was clear that a software-driven solution was desperately needed. He assembled a team of professionals to architect and engineer the AboutTime system to solve the challenges organizations with a mobile workforce face every day.

Today, hundreds of businesses across North America rely on AboutTime to track field operations and automate their mobile data collection needs. Tens of thousands of employees rely on AboutTime’s technology to accurately track daily time and attendance, job production and project progress in the field. Office administrators, project managers and executives rely on AboutTime to accurately capture data in the field, report real-time results and feed their accounting systems efficiently. AboutTime has spent many years working to provide the most capable and innovative product on the market today, helping clients save significant time and money by reducing inaccuracies and duplication throughout the entire mobile data collection process.

Product Lines

  • AboutTime

    A ERP software system designed by AboutTime.

    0 reviews
    • WorkMax

      A web-based ERP software solution designed by AboutTime.

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