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  • Inventory by user-defined Item Classes and Item Lines
  • Extra, user-defined Item attributes
  • Four bar codes for each item: UPC, Inner Pack, Master Pack and In-House Code or RF ID
  • FIFO, LIFO, Average and Standard valuation methods
  • Landing costs and landed costs per Item
  • Inventory by Batch or Lot, with expiration dates and batch tracking from vendor to customer through multi-level manufacturing processes
  • Inventory by Location
  • Automatic conversion of Units of Measure, even for different dimensions like weight to volume by using density or specific volume
  • Costs in foreign currencies
  • Wireless Warehouse management through tablet computers and smart phones
  • Item Images that can be displayed on the screen and printed in Quotations
  • Automatic commits of merchandise to specific orders and automatic handling of Back Orders with additional manual overrides to reflect urgencies or priorities
  • Automatic bar-code fulfillment module
  • Automatic Procurement Tracking
  • Automatic reconciliation of General Ledger Inventory with Physical Inventory

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