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Ability LLC

A developer of software designed for mid-market businesses in the manufacturing industry.

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Ability’s 585 ERP has been developed by a manufacturing company over the past decade to become the first truly functional, flexible and affordable ERP solution. During the decade of development the design philosophy of flexibility, accountability, granularity and ease of use has resulted in a solution with exceptional functionality providing the information needed by decision makers to drive non-value added activities out of the value stream and providing the capacity for future growth.

Ability’s 585 development has resulted in the functionality that supports today’s lean environment. Lean tools such as strategy deployment, value stream mapping, standard work, pull systems and single piece flow can be integrated into 585, supporting lean initiatives resulting in better margins, cost reductions and working capital improvement.

Ability, LLC is committed to providing an ERP solution that will exceed the expectations of your organization and provide the accountability to be successful in today’s economic climate.

Our focus has been to develop an incredibly flexible solution without sacrificing the ability to drill down into the detail. Integrating “drag and drop” capabilities with grids, flex grids, filters and sort capabilities providing an unprecedented capability to analyze your business.

Cost effective design methodologies have been taken during the development of 585 to help you avoid costly IT infrastructure expenses. Because of this 585 software will not require most systems to be upgraded.

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