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Do you need to perform complex allocations of indirect costs? Do you have multiple funding-sources’ investments pooled for higher return requiring interest-earned allocations? The Allocations Management module performs your complicated allocations with the click of a button. Calculate, review, and generate allocation entries using a flexible, easy-to-understand toolset offered within your accounting system while maintaining a complete audit trail and eliminating the risk of spreadsheet errors.

Powerful Allocation Entry Features

  • Flexible allocation options—Allocate direct costs, indirect costs, interest earned, dividends, and more. The Allocations Management module lets you tailor allocations to fit your needs through flexible setup options. You can perform allocations on virtually any account balance at the program level, department level, grant level, or across multiple segments simultaneously and more.
  • Save time and effort—Skip the spreadsheet and perform allocations directly within your accounting software. Set up your allocations only once and use them as often as you need, ensuring accuracy and consistency.
  • Easy to use—Establish allocation codes to set the calculation parameters you need. Generate allocation calculations that create general ledger entries. Even build sequential allocations dependent upon previous calculation results within a single calculation.
  • Advanced calculation options—Perform allocations based on transaction entry counts such as invoices entered or Purchase Orders issued, fixed percentages, unit measures such as square footage and number of employees, fixed dollar amounts, indirect cost rates or dynamic percentages such as relative account balances, weighted average daily balance, and even non-financial data collected using statistical fields. Perform allocation based on actual or budget amounts for any date range.
  • Ensure allocation compliance with OMB Cost Principles—Use the powerful calculation options available in the Allocations Management module to distribute costs to federal grants with accuracy and consistency.
  • Prevent over-charging grantors—Limit allocations to avoid exceeding contractual indirect cost limits.

Advanced Reporting Options

  • Check the accuracy of your allocation calculation—Allocations Management includes a host of reports that allow you to view the impact of the allocation prior to accepting it.
  • View the calculation details—Run a comprehensive calculation register directly from the calculation screen to trace the steps performed within your allocation. Provides a comprehensive audit trail to support your allocation basis.
  • Retain source balances—Need pre-allocation and post-allocation reports for your auditors? Allocations Management allows you to retain source balances so that you can generate the reports you need.
  • History automatically maintained—General Ledger entries generated by the Allocations Management module can easily be recalled for review, making audit reports a snap.