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The AbacusLaw rules engine calculates all critical deadlines for a matter based on the appropriate Federal, State and Local court rules that you can get from us or create on your own. You can also use it for workflows and to set milestones that can be assigned to different staff and tracked.

Reduce your calendaring risks with AbacusLaw

  • Don’t waste time searching for calendar rules
  • Stop miscalculating deadlines on your fingers
  • Don’t be late for appointments or double book yourself
  • Change an event and all related dates are automatically updated
  • Pre-programmed rules and timelines available include:
    • Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
    • Generic Federal rules for all of USA
    • Federal rules for defined states
    • Federal rules for districts within states
    • State court rules for your jurisdiction (all states)
    • California county local rules (all counties)

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"Rules-Based Calendaring" is part of the AbacusLaw line of products, developed by AbacusNext.

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