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You can have an office of brilliant lawyers and still come up short in financial management. Get clarity and accuracy with AbacusLaw software that manages both your cases and your finances. Save time and money on even the most complex financial management tasks.

“Comprehensive,” “easy to use,” “flexible”-these are just a few of the customer comments describing the AbacusLaw General Ledger system. The system is open-ended and does not require a “hard close” at the end of each month. The chart of accounts is defined by you. Recurring journal entries can be set up for automatic entry of repetitive withdrawals. Reports can be printed or displayed to the screen at any time.

  • Compare this year versus last year.
  • Cash or accrual accounting.
  • Recurring journal entries for repetitive withdrawals.
  • Easy-to-use financial reports including balance sheet and income statements.
  • Quickly review general ledger via each journal entry.
  • Access data through individual accounts or by journal entry number.
  • Client payments, demand checks, A/P checks are all integrated into the AbacusLaw General Ledger system.
  • Journal entries are easy to enter and also appear in the Bank Reconciliation program. Beginning balances are easy to enter for the initial setup of Abacus Accounting.
  • Easily delete entries while maintaining an audit trail of all changes.


This feature assigns expenses to their associated accounts. This enables income/cost analysis that can be used to adjust expenses to keep on budget and check budget estimates and actual expense.

Cost Recovery (N/C)

This optional feature integrates with your cost recovery system. You’ll be able to automatically record the use of office hardware (copiers, phones, etc.) related to a case and add the itemized cost of those expenses to the bill. This allows a firm to recover in-office expenses while ensuring consistency and transparency.

Real Estate Closing Package Integration (N/C)

AbacusLaw integrates with a number of real estate closing packages. If you have one of these packages you can purchase the integration module and then most of the work is done for you. When integrating with a real estate closing package AbacusLaw imports all deposit and disbursement data. All you have to do is print your trust deposit posting file. Then you can cut the checks that are waiting in the trust check request area. The time saved is substantial and accuracy is not a problem either. If you do a lot of real estate closing, then this is essential. Compatible programs include Land Tech, DoubleTime, and Display Soft.

Multiple Company Books

Abacus allows you to maintain as many separate sets of books (accounting databases) as you need. This enables you to keep track of accounting records for other businesses that you might own/manage, such as title companies, real estate businesses, personal books, etc. Note: A separate practice management database is needed for each set of books.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with General Ledger:

"General Ledger" is part of the AbacusLaw line of products, developed by Abacus Data Systems, Inc..