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Don’t put your firm at risk by losing important email correspondence.

No matter who in your office sends or receives an email, it’s centrally available to everyone.

If your email isn’t properly organized, your firm is at risk of losing important information, upsetting clients by not replying, forgetting to bill for time and embarrassing yourself by having multiple people reply to the same email.

AbacusLaw works in conjunction with Outlook to increase your productivity and keep you organized.

  • Outgoing and incoming emails (text and attachments) are saved to the corresponding matter. If a client loses an email, the original is safe in AbacusLaw.
  • Once an email is saved in AbacusLaw, you can delete the original from Outlook and still have access to it from within AbacusLaw.
  • Send emails from any name screen by clicking the email icon.
  • Link emails to AbacusLaw from within Outlook.
  • Access linked emails on your smart phone or tablet with Abacus Mobile.
  • Bill for emails as you send them.

Outlook contact, calendar and schedule information is also synced to AbacusLaw so you know what’s coming up.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Email Management:

"Email Management" is part of the AbacusLaw line of products, developed by Abacus Data Systems, Inc..