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The average employee spends 18 minutes searching for a misplaced document. Don’t waste your valuable time this way.

Only AbacusLaw lets you store an unlimited amount of documents for quick and easy retrieval.

  • Full-text search: Search all documents by file type, file name, keywords or words contained
  • Restrict access: Ensure client confidentially and security of proprietary information by allowing only certain users access to certain documents
  • All file types: Store PDF documents, Word documents, images, videos and more.

The document management and tracking in AbacusLaw puts all your critical documents in order on your computer.

  • Instantly view all your documents, word processing files and scanned images linked to a name or case.
  • Click on a file, and AbacusLaw will display it with the correct application, whether a document, spreadsheet, graphic, or information requiring some application to run.
  • Use Windows Explorer to drag any file to AbacusLaw.
  • Store locations including box ID of archived documents.
  • Tag files for Discovery.
  • Print reports of your documents.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Document Management:

"Document Management" is part of the AbacusLaw line of products, developed by Abacus Data Systems, Inc..