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AbacusLaw is the only time, billing and accounting software for law firms that seamlessly integrates with X-Charge payment processing to quickly and easily collect credit card payments from your clients.

Firms that accept credit card payments experience the following benefits:

  • Increased billables: 44% of law firms state they receive more business by accepting credit cards. Clients will hire the attorney who makes payment easy. What is easier than a credit card?
  • Improved cash flow: A recent study found that 94% of law firms accepting credit cards experienced improved cash flow, with 88% experiencing a significant improvement in the time it takes for bills to be paid.
  • No hidden fees: Other companies charge for setup, per user and credit card registration fees. Not Abacus.
  • No scanner or terminal required: What good is accepting credit cards if you need your client and their card in your office in order to swipe it? AbacusLaw securely stores your client’s credit card information on the X-Charge server so you can charge them at any time.
  • All major credit cards and electronic checks accepted: Other companies charge extra for ACH payments. Abacus doesn’t.

Banks and other merchant services don’t understand how law firms operate

If you consult the cross-default or cross-collateralization provisions found in the terms and conditions of your merchant account agreement you’ll see that they’ve secured your obligations to all your accounts. So in the event of a breach of any of those obligations, such as a late payment for a line of credit, they have the right to transfer funds from existing accounts to fund the monies then owned – without any notice!

How this puts you at risk

If that transfer happens to come from your credit card trust account, you have unknowingly violated your ethical obligations established by your State Bar. Moreover, you are responsible for the wrongful and unlawful invasion of your trust account by the bank. You may be subject to review and possible disciplinary action.

Unlike banks, AbacusLaw and X-Charge understand the unique needs of your law firm

Requirements for law firm trust accounts vary by state. Abacus and X-Charge have you covered.

  • Invasion of trust accounts: AbacusLaw and X-Charge set up your trust account so it cannot be invaded for charge backs and costs associated with trust account processing fees.
  • Separate trust and operating accounts: AbacusLaw and X-Charge establish both of these accounts
  • Prohibition on credit card acceptance: Some states prohibit accepting credit card payment for services rendered in divorce or criminal actions (Chi. Bar Assn. 79-4; Ohio Supreme Court, Board of Comm. Op 91-12, Opinion 29).
  • Accepting retainers: Does your state restrict accepting retainer payments by credit card?

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Credit Card Integration:

"Credit Card Integration" is part of the AbacusLaw line of products, developed by Abacus Data Systems, Inc..