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Aatrix Software

A developer of business management software.

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Aatrix Software develops payroll software for small business on the Macintosh and Windows platforms.

Aatrix has been in payroll software development business since 1987 having been spun off from another company who started developing Macintosh software in 1985, one year after the Mac’s release.

In 1996, Aatrix Software purchased the Macintosh division of State of the Art and with it, MacP&L, a mid-range multi-user accounting software system. In 1997 Aatrix Software acquired the Macintosh Division of Peachtree Accounting, furthering Aatrix Software’s Macintosh base. Aatrix Software has met the challenge of incorporating the latest feature set and interface design into MacP&L and Aatrix Accounting (formally Peachtree Accounting for the Macintosh).

In 2001 Aatrix began its payroll reporting division on the Windows platform. Aatrix monitors the over 300 state and federal payroll reports to keep them up to date and certified. And now partners with accounting software companies such as Microsoft Great Plains and Cougar Mountain as their payroll reporting solution.

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