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A developer of business management software.

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PlanningEdge is a privately held company. Its headquarters is in Fort Collins, Colorado, at the north end of the Convergence Corridor - Colorado’s burgeoning high-tech community along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.

Transforming Inventory Management for Distributors and Manufacturers

PlanningEdge Corporation is a pioneer in web-hosted and server-based solutions that optimize supply chain inventory management. The company provides distributors and manufacturers with a powerful, Demand and Supply planning system, to streamline forecasting, planning, and procurement. PlanningEdge is more than a software company. The PlanningEdge team is tenured, formally trained and has been in the trenches of inventory management. PlanningEdge delivers hands-on inventory management workshops designed specifically for distributors. This workshop delivers both education and training in the concepts and application of science-based inventory management methodologies for distribution supply chains.

Mission - Bringing About Profitability

Helping distributors and manufacturers minimize their inventory investment, maximize their customer service, and automate their supply chain inventory processes in ways which positively impact the bottom line - is PlanningEdge’s mission. The company’s solutions transform complex, time-consuming spreadsheet-based inventory processes into efficient, high-speed, automated processes. And by delivering on this promise, PlanningEdge helps distributors and manufacturers experience a multitude of financial benefits. Our client’s have experienced an average inventory reduction of 25-35% following the implementation of our solutions.

A Successful History

RockySoft can trace its roots back to the 1980’s, when its technology was originally developed at Hewlett-Packard. At that time, PlanningEdge’s Founder delivered the first version of “Demand Manager“ while serving as the central forecaster and supply chain consultant for several divisions of “Hewlett-Packard“. Over a dozen divisions of Hewlett-Packard were using the software by the mid 1990’s. Then, in 1999, PlanningEdge was formed to bring this software technology, skills and 20+ years of practical experience to a wider constituency. In March of 2005, PlanningEdge received Microsoft’s “2005 Pinnacle Award for Excellence in Innovation” for their implementation with Marine Depot.

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