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Job and project information is valuable only when it’s accessible by everyone involved. Signature job, project and accounting solutions provide a single repository of all the information you need to manage your jobs and projects with those onsite and those in the office so everyone can make more informed, strategic decisions. Visibility into the costs associated with your organization’s activities is essential to profitability. With job cost, project management and accounting functionality, you’ll gain easy-to-use tools that help you control costs, manage labor and improve your bottom line.

Import Estimates and Create Jobs

  • Easily import job and cost codes, bill codes and estimate revisions and other project data to and export from Microsoft Project and other estimating or job cost systems. This allows your project managers to use familiar tools for job set up, scheduling and tracking and reducing error-prone manual entry
  • Export one or many jobs from Signature to a project plan or import from Microsoft Project to create a new job, enabling project managers to use one tool to manage project tasks and forecast completion and total costs

Change Order Management

  • Empower your project managers with the information they need by facilitating and simplifying the tracking of proposed change orders, approved change orders, project change orders, and subcontractor change orders so they can respond quickly to new requirements or unexpected delays
  • Allow users to log changes, quotes and claims as change orders and bill change orders as part of a job
  • Analyze the success of past jobs and improve the estimate accuracy of new projects by viewing change order and cash receipt history for closed jobs

Project Management

  • Deliver on-time, on-budget projects using customizable workflows that ensure project managers and workers get automated exception alerts, reminders of deadlines and dependencies, and the ability to easily track requests for information and submittal logs
  • Analyze current and past projects to improve efficiencies by comparing key performance indicators
  • View estimated, committed and actual costs for any project phase
  • Drill down to detailed source documents
  • Store, retrieve and attach files of virtually any format (including Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office, CAD drawings, photographs and other scanned images) to the service call, location, customer record, maintenance contract, equipment records or other fields

Subcontractor Management

  • Keep tabs on a high volume of vendors and subcontractors by managing contracts and easily connecting subcontractors to specific jobs
  • Manage costs by closely monitoring all project components including subcontractor, labor, materials, equipment, and other defined costs

Human Resources and Payroll

  • Streamline time entry by enabling on-site time tracking tools and print reports showing estimated versus actual labor costs by labor type with benefits
  • Enter time and expense once to apply cost and create billing on a work order using the same entry to create payroll
  • Ensure union and government compliance with robust payroll capabilities including general payroll processing as well as overtime (OT), double time (DT) and union prevailing wage calculations and payroll compliance reporting

Financial Management

  • Significantly increase cash flow with improved collection processes, vendor discount visibility and customer/vendor controls
  • Decrease time to invoice and improve cash flow with convenient invoicing tools that enable project- or job-level billing
  • Gain visibility into business performance with better connections across all facets of your organization
  • Achieve more accurate revenue recognition by determining POC (percentage of completion) based on actual and forecasted labor hours
  • Track project costs by committed cost from purchase orders, actual cost, estimated cost and forecasted cost to complete
  • Ensure a more accurate measure of job, work order and contract profitability by managing forecast revisions such as change orders

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Jobs, Projects & Accounting :

"Jobs, Projects & Accounting " is part of the KEY2ACT | Signature line of products, developed by KEY2ACT.