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With the Signature asset and fleet management solution you can control the profitable utilization, distribution, scheduling and maintenance of assets you own; better manage the equipment you sell, buy, or rent to your customers; and capture the data needed for better, more informed decision making.

Asset Tracking and Hierarchy

Ensuring your organization’s assets are managed to their full potential is critical. Our solutions help you easily and proactively manage equipment, materials and infrastructure.

  • Track complex “parent” and “component” relationships with streamlined invoicing, detailed revenue, fixed assets and depreciation tracking, and easily drill down to source documents
  • Handle static and real-time information about assets in your Supervisory Control and Data Automation (SCADA) systems
  • Track each asset with a unique ID number, class, model, manufacturer, model year, condition and service site. Then, take the action required to get the most from each of your assets
  • Store information about the coverage guarantees provided by the asset’s manufacturer or service provider
  • Set up warrantees to replace, repair, refurbish, or exchange an asset or any of its parts
  • Design, build and maintain an asset inventory or integrate with an existing inventory in your Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Create and manage transfers to move the asset to a different account, site, or address
  • Document all work and associated costs logged as part of maintaining an asset
  • Automatically schedule service for an asset, regardless of whether or not the asset is on a maintenance agreement
  • Track equipment locations (including mobile assets), warranty information, attach images and electronic operating manuals for quick reference of maintenance records, CAD drawings and maintenance manuals
  • Configure asset information to include data for meters, warranties, attributes, model configuration, and preventive maintenance
  • Track utilization, scheduling and charge out of assets
  • Filter lists to find assets with expiring warranties or maintenance agreements, as well as assets in the shop or assets set up as facility/equipment
  • Compare asset settings and analyze asset usage and profitability using a wide variety of detailed, asset-related reports

Recurring Work Orders

Whether you’re maintaining your own assets or equipment or if you send technicians to a job site on a regular basis, you need a way to easily schedule regular inspections and service visits. Recurring work orders ensure that you keep on top of all your own equipment maintenance as well as any contractual work you have and easily capture associated revenue.

  • Create recurring work orders for specific equipment and assets
  • Automatically create work orders and schedule your technicians based on the rules set in the recurring order
  • Set up service agreements and preventive maintenance on a recurring cycle
  • Schedule recurring tasks by meter, hours or odometer readings

Maintenance Plans and Tasking

Trucks, specialized equipment, mobile units, and fleet vehicles all have different service requirements, so efficient, accurate maintenance planning and task assignment is critical.

  • Maintain detailed cost tracking and reporting on the maintenance, repair and usage of your fleet to help your business operate efficiently and profitably
  • Increase efficiency and ensure safety and compliance with automated preventive maintenance schedules based on meter readings and/or specified dates
  • Execute timely maintenance and service for assets based on meter and/or time-based tracking
  • Document all work and associated costs logged as part of maintaining an asset
  • Automatically schedule service for an asset, regardless of whether or not the asset is on a maintenance agreement
  • Filter lists to find assets with expiring warranties or maintenance agreements, as well as assets in shop or assets set up as facilty/equipment
  • Assign a work order schedule or maintenance task to an agreement for routine services
  • Create scheduled maintenance records to ensure equipment fleet is serviced in a timely and quality manner

Equipment Management, Sales and Rental

  • Capture comprehensive details for each piece of equipment including acquisition, maintenance and service history
  • Set up rental agreements to record all revenue and costs for equipment and other rental-related service items
  • Check the availability of a piece of equipment either before or during the creation of a rental agreement
  • Track rental income and expense details for each piece of equipment
  • Complete “what if” analysis to measure the impact of sales pricing or minimum mark-up calculations
  • Maintain tight control of your assets, agreements and revenue with internal or external rental agreements
  • Get detailed information about rental agreements and maintenance and repairs status and costs
  • Instantly access information about available and booked equipment, enabling you to meet operational efficiency goals by maximizing equipment usage
  • Mark equipment inactive for rental or for a period of time to ensure equipment needing service or repair is not rented or sold
  • Create an equipment “stand down” to temporarily stop billing due to a holiday or natural disaster automatically, eliminating the need for manually updating each rental agreement
  • Process sales transactions and equip sales staff with instant access to equipment information
  • Manage the logistics and costs of moving equipment from one place to another

Inventory Management

Whether your business has an established fleet or is acquiring equipment, you need accurate, up-to-date information to make the right decisions about maintenance, parts, operations and compliance.

  • Manage parts inventory easily and accurately, enabling better planning for maintenance, rental and repair processes
  • Track purchases from suppliers, complete cost comparisons, replenish part automatically, identify inventory trends, and identify stocking opportunities to benefit your bottom line
  • Automatically add an asset to a customer location once an item from inventory is sold

Field Mobility

Zero the down time for field technicians whether they’re online or not by equipping them to:

  • Create, receive, modify and update assigned work orders in the field or office
  • Generate invoices and collect payments
  • Enter and update comments
  • Track equipment usage details
  • Capture time and expense information
  • Look up service call and customer history
  • Generate new service calls in the field and perform the work as approved
  • Quote “on the spot” to capture authorization for additional work for immediate or future completion

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Asset & Fleet Management:

"Asset & Fleet Management" is part of the KEY2ACT | Signature line of products, developed by KEY2ACT.