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This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. KEY2ACT recommends you consider KEY2ACT | Signature in substitution.

Designed to make the most of your business by streamlining the collection of labor and related expenses through a single point-of-entry. Used in conjunction with Job Cost and Service Management Series, TimeTrack quickly and easily expedites time card processing for posting labor to work order, contracts and payroll. Employees can charge time to service calls on a daily basis, even if away from the office utilizing the Internet and eTimeTrack, providing more accurate information and eliminating double-entry. Supervisors and managers can quickly review timecards and post labor transactions to billing and third party payroll providers. This means a faster billing cycle, better cash flow and quicker management reporting cycles. TimeTrack also allows users to monitor and analyze labor costs, helping clients make informed and timely labor-related business decisions, details, update and more.

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"TimeTrack with Expense Management" is part of the Job Cost line of products, developed by KEY2ACT.

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