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Tracker’s Inventory Manager slashes the time required to manage inventory and warehouse operations. For example:

INVENTORY WRITE DOWNS: How much time do you spend doing inventory write-downs? Tracker eliminates the laborious hours spent on inventory write-downs. With one click, you pull up the inventory that matches your criteria. After a quick review, another click makes all the inventory and accounting adjustments for you. Now you can write down inventory when it makes sense, not when your staff has the time.

BARCODE SCANNING: Do your tech’s ever make mistakes entering serial numbers and item ID’s in the receiving/allocation process? Frustrated by the resulting confusion and inventory inaccuracy? Tracker’s bar code integration cuts out the mistakes and saves time so your techs and warehouse staff can focus on the important things: getting equipment in, turning it around, and getting it back out.

PART REMOVAL TRACKING: Ever sell a machine only to find that it had been cannibalized for a part? Do you have to tell tall tales to your buyers while you scramble for a replacement? Tracker easily takes care of cost-transfer and inventory updating when a part is removed, so there are no surprises for you and no more stories for your customer.

TAKE-OUTS ADJUSTMENTS: How about the complexity of accounting for extra items, short items, and partial receiving that occur on take-out purchases? For computer dealers, These “exceptions” are more often the rule. Tracker lets you easily redistribute costs to accommodate these items when they are being received. With Tracker, you’ll enjoy a 20% or greater reduction in time required for receiving.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Inventory Manager:

"Inventory Manager" is part of the TRACKER line of products, developed by IQ reseller.