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Work Order Processing provides a full range of management tools to track jobs through the plant. Starting with the initial set up, created from previously created Bills of Manufacturing in the Bill of Matrial module, plant management can review the current status of all jobs to be processed and select the next jobs to be processed.

With a full set of shop papers that can be selected or eliminated, instructions and work flow can be easily managed. Issueance of materials, labor and overhead may be as detailed as each transaction with actual amounts to backflushing the entire job with a single keystroke.

Up to 999 releases for each job allows for easy management of repetitive jobs. Full editing capability and multi location flexibility makes the most specialized job to be created and managed. A full range of management reports allow for production monitoring. All production accounting is a by product of the shop floor process and merely needs to be posted to the General Ledger to keep the office accounting staff happy.

Interfaced with the Payroll allows for single entry of shop personnel for both manufacturing and payroll purposes with a single enty.

Jobs can be established for a group of actual orders and forecasts or for a single customer order.

Usage calculations by percentage or quantity allows the system to calculate the amount of raw materials to draw from stores, eliminating the constant back & forth to the crib because of issuance shortages.

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