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3rd Dimension Systems

A developer of business management software designed for the manufacturing industry.

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3rd Dimension Systems, Inc. has been a software developer of manufacturing software since 1984. We interface with the time proven Open Systems Accounting Software (originally written in 1974), providing you seamless inter-operability with Open Systems accounting modules without modifying their standard code.

3rd Dimension Systems’ modules are designed to help you manage and control the manufacturing processes from your initial prospecting with the Customer Relations Management module, through engineering, inventory and shop floor management, using Bill of Materials, Work Order Processing, Forecasting/MRP and Shop Floor Control modules. With a strong dedication to the enter once, use many times philosophy, the software allows you complete operation without extensive entry.

With source code provided at your installation, at no extra investment, and ODBC connectivity included in the base product, at no extra charge, any manufacturing challenge you face can be addressed and solved. Written in Basis Int’l VPro5, allowing portability to most operating systems.

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