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ORION WMS supports all of the activities associated with the picking, packing, shipping, and tracking of product to customers, helping to ensure the completion of the perfect order.


  • Enables enforcement of picking strategies that can be tailored to ingredients or finished goods and their unique handling requirements
  • Supports tracking in terms meaningful and expected in your industry and to your customers. For lubricants, characteristics could include viscosity and density; for meats, grade and cut; for textiles, color and shade
  • Provides for specifying the packing requirements, packaging material, and ship method that can be incorporated within the bar code for conveyor diverting logic
  • Support integration with third party logistics such as USPS, UPS, and FedEx to enable the use of in-transit tracking protocols


  • Multiple picking strategies to include FIFO, LIFO, FEFO, and expiration date with additional strategies that can be defined through easy-to-use, rule-based pick and click menus
  • User-defined lot characteristics
  • Packing and shipping instructions defined at item level
  • Shipper tracking

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"Outbound" is part of the ORION WMS line of products, developed by 3I Infotech.

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