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ORION WMS provides you with the facilities to manage and control your inventory in the ways most conducive to how you do business and optimize results.


  • Facilitates the taking of a complete physical inventory or technology. Cyclical counting through the use of ABC codes, utilizing bar code technology to decrease time and increase accuracy
  • Maximizes the use of warehouse space
  • Permits you buy and store in bulk and issue in EA’s issuing
  • Better inventory management resulting in reduced carrying costs Features

  • Physical and cycle inventory counting with optional use of RF technology
  • Multiple locations for same item
  • Separate units of measure (UOM) for stock keeping and stock issuing
  • Built in triggers and alerts, suggested inventory movements, and stock consolidations

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"Inventory Control and Management" is part of the ORION WMS line of products, developed by 3I Infotech.

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