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Medical Device Business Suite assists you in keeping your financial house in order by automating procurement and accounting transactions, thereby ensuring that data at each step of the process is accurate, complete, and auditable.


  • Structure an accounting and cost center configuration that meets the needs of your organization and best represents your business
  • Provides effective procurement of materials to JOT/JIT inventory practices
  • Simplifies the creation of invoices from confirmed orders and sets up the necessary receivable entries for receipt of payments
  • Provides better and timelier information on which to base decisions, promoting proactivity rather than reactivity
  • Provides the flexibility and information to assist you in managing your production costs in the most suitable way possible
  • Minimize the level of data entry, eliminating the potential of error, and ensure consistent and accurate reporting across the enterprise


  • User-defined enterprise and account code structure
  • Full-featured accounts payable integrated with the purchasing functions
  • Full-featured accounts receivable integrated with ordering and invoicing functions
  • Online, real-time visibility into accounting and costing transactions
  • Supports multiple methods of cost accounting to include actual, standard, and weighted average
  • Fully integrated financial reporting at all levels

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