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ORION Enterprise for Process Manufacturing enables you to customize how you want to track ingredients and products to better meet the requirements of your business and customers.


  • Supports tracking in terms that are meaningful and expected in your industry and to your customers.
  • For lubricants, characteristics could include viscosity and density; for meats, grade and cut; for textiles, color and shade.
  • Reduces the exposure of a product recall so that least number of lots and, therefore, customers are affected.
  • Permits automatic matching of lot attributes of available inventory with a customer’s specifications.


  • User-defined lot characteristics.
  • Detailed visibility throughout the entire supply chain starting with vendor materials and into customer’s destination.
  • Comparison of lot characteristic and specifications with customer requirements.

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"Lot Tracking" is part of the ORION Enterprise line of products, developed by 3I Infotech.

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