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The Work Order / Process Manufacturing Module provides a full range of functions beginning with the development of a work order through final completion. It also allows you to better manage the inventory of component items within work orders with a detailed tracking system.

Some Features Include

  • Track each operation of a work order
  • Open Work Orders by Component or by finished good
  • Complete tracking of actual material and cost of components
  • Lot# tracking for Components and Finished Goods
  • Component requirement analysis
  • Commit inventory of component items of the work order upon its release. Option to allocate actual raw material (by Lot#) to a Work Order on a FIFO basis
  • Ability to split work orders into smaller batches for production yet retain identity under one Lot#
  • Batch Sheet, Compression Log and Work Order Printing
  • Formula Printing without need for a Work Order
  • Multiple usage inquiries by Lot#, Finished Good or Component
  • Work Order Yield Report
  • Packaging line, Master and Manufacturing scheduling

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Work Order Processing:

"Work Order Processing" is part of the ResponsePro line of products, developed by 2M Technologies.