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Organization Management allows you to define the Org Structure in your Organization, with unlimited reporting levels and reporting lines which can support a Matrix Reporting Structure. From here, you can generate Org Charts based on the different reporting lines you want to depict. Organization management enables you to define specific Performance Goals and Strategic Goals at the Organization Unit level. By defining a sophisticated organization structure, you will be able to manage your Organization in the way that is most effective. HR, Time, Leave and Compensation Policies can be linked and restricted to specific Organization Units, and each Unit can be given its own Self-Service under Organization Self-Service.

Job Classification is required to define all the Jobs in the Organization, this can be limited to Job Title, Job Code and a basic Group, Category, Class, or it can be very extensive including Education, Experience, Certifications/Licenses, Competencies, Training, and much more. You can track Workers’ Comp codes and create sophisticated Job Descriptions. There’s almost no limit in terms of how much information can be associated with a specific Job Title in the system. The more logic is added to the Job definition, the more the application can automate processes as a result. Through its integration with all other InteractHRM modules, Job Classification drives the logic of many policies and processes defined in InteractHRM so that Recruitment, Training, Performance Management and other functions can be in line with the specifics of the Job.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Organization and Job Classification:

"Organization and Job Classification" is part of the Interact HRMS line of products, developed by 2Interact, Inc..