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Time is Money. In InteractHRM there is a wealth of modules which address scheduling, recording, calculating, and paying the time worked by Employees. Time Sheets vary from Industry to Industry and even from Company to Company, therefore InteractHRM comes with many flexible tools to define the Formats of Time Sheets. Time Sheets can include Labor Distribution information and can even be Activity based to track the exact time spent on each Activity by an Employee in industrial or consulting industries. Automatic Time Sheets will be created for the Payroll and can be auto-populated with the regular work hours of those Employees who do not have actual Time Sheets tracked.

Time records can be entered in many ways in Interact: they can be keyed in manually by an HR/Payroll user, or by a Project or Department employee working as a Time Keeper. They can be imported from Excel or CSV files, or can be polled automatically from a Biometric Time Clock.

Interact also offers powerful Resources Scheduling capabilities to schedule Employees for any type of Shifts, including 24/7 Shifts. Sophisticated rules can be applied to schedule Emplooyees and Teams for specific Clients, Projects and Locations, with specific Equipment required to do the assigned work

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Leave & Time Management:

"Leave & Time Management" is part of the Interact HRMS line of products, developed by 2Interact, Inc..