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1099 Pro

A developer of business management software.

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Founded in 1989, our knowledge of tax compliance and our experience working with a wide variety of organizations, has enabled us to compile the finest collection of software products and services in the market today.

Technical Support is always complimentary! - Our user friendly products and services utilize e-Filing and enterprise-level network applications along with magnetic media filing for high volume business demand. We also provide stand-alone and LAN-based software for smaller business and individual filers.

The Enterprise Edition - The 1099 Pro Enterprise Edition is the easiest and most advanced software for all of your paper and electronic filing needs. The Enterprise Edition enables you to file forms in the 1099, 1098 and 5498 series either electronically or magnetically.

Simply The Best W2 Filing Solution. - W2 Pro is the easiest and most advanced software for filing all of your W2 related forms.

The De Facto 1042-S Filing Standard - 1042-S Pro is the easiest and most advanced software for filing all of your 1042-S forms.

Tax Filing Has Never Been Easier - Tax Pro prepares forms W-2, W-3, 1099-INT, 1099-MISC and 1096 and prints them on pre-printed forms.

Service Bureau Ready - 1099 Pro’s Award-Winning Service Bureau offers secure, cost-effective, and IRS/SSA compliant solutions for the printing, mailing and electronic filing of forms 1099, W-2 and 1042-S data

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