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1099 and W-2 Express

A multi-module management system designed by 1099 Express.
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1099 and W-2 Express programs are Windows programs designed to work and feel similar to Microsoft Excel. These products, using Excel, can import from Access, DBASE, fixed, delimited and many other types read by Excel. Both products specialize in disk and electronic filing, and creating their own forms. Like Excel, each product can open and save to files and folders across most networks.

1099 Express

1099 Express currently supports IRS filing requirements for 1099-Misc (Accounts Payable), 1099-Interest(Banks), 1099-PATR(Insurance), 1099-DIV(Corps), 1098-(Mortgage), 1099-LTC(Care Providers), 1099-A, 1099-B(Auto), 1099-R(Retirement), 5498-IRA(Financial), 1099-S(Real Estate), 1099-G(Government), all in one program. The actual program may be downloaded, installed and tested at no cost or obligation. For example, a Mortgage company can export its information to Excel, then paste to 1099Express. Then 1099Express creates and fills-in the 1098-Morgage forms due to homeowners January 31 each year. 1099Express costs $199 the first year and $95.00 subsequent years.

W-2 Express

W-2 Express supports Forms W-2 and W-3. Employers typically export payroll totals to Excel, and paste from Excel to 1099Express. 1099Express is approved by the Social Security Administration for black and white Copy A laser forms. W-2 Express files to the SSA electronically over the internet or by diskette. Cost is $149 first year and $95 for the annual renewal.

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