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In the world of electronic data interchange, getting from point A to point B is typically not a straight line. The EDI landscape is rough terrain with numerous obstacles and curves. You want more than just a way to get EDI done…you want it done right – effective, efficient, with the lowest cost and highest value to your organization, today and over time.

At 1EDISource, we take a personal approach to your EDI needs, working with you to arrive at exactly the right EDI solution for you and your business. Our 1EDI Inquiry™ customer assessment process is a simple, effective approach to understanding your goals and requirements. We review your needs, requirements, applications and environment, then combine this information with our knowledge and experience with EDI to arrive at your optimal EDI solution.

We also assign you your own EDI Sales Advisor as your primary contact and your guide through this process, answering your questions and providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision. Behind that individual is an entire team of experts – technicians, programmers, consultants and other specialists who know EDI and how to do it right.

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